I don’t know what I am going to do though – I refuse to use Messenger on my phone and the messaging aspect of FB is critical to the work I do. It’s not really, because so many spots, especially in marketplace, where you used to be able to send a message are disabled. Really bad programming, product management and User Accepting Testing at Facebook, I think.

  • Try typing the person’s name in the search field at the top of your Facebook home page.
  • For instance, tracking user’s location through the Messenger app and other data scandal.
  • Same is happening to me and I HATE having a separate screen open for messages.
  • However, the other person can choose whether to enter the chat or not.

The same as how to view secret conversations on messenger from another phone, to some extent, the answer is no. You can’t see the messages from previous secret conversations on another or a new device. Because a secret conversation in Messenger is encrypted end-to-end. But if you use a third-party app, the results could be really different.

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This method requires the most work, but it’s also the most accurate way of tracking someone’s location. Once the other person clicks your link, you’ll be able to see their live location anytime you want. Another software that allows you to track a location of a person on Facebook, is uMobix.

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Specifically, I am going to be talking about the “thumbs up” Visit Website emoji that appears on the top right-hand side just above your keypad while typing in messenger. And perhaps you haven’t been able to explore its full modification features? Probably you never even had an idea that the emoji that appears there can be changed to another emoji of your choice. If Messages from your friends aren’t displaying their name or photograph correctly, go to the Contacts app in your Applications folder and search for their name.

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