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Through its education and outreach activities, the South Florida Symphony Orchestra touches many lives. Providing music education programs has been a key objective of the South Florida Symphony Orchestra’s mission since its inception. These programs are designed to provide an enriching cultural experience that is uniquely different from opportunities provided by other local sources and to develop future audiences and performers to insure the survival of this great art form.

These programs are directed by Maestra Sebrina Alfonso and are often produced in collaboration with other community organizations.

South Florida Symphony - Educational ProgramsThe Master Concert Series Program:

This program has been in place since the first symphony season as an integral part of the Master Concert Series. This educational component consists of two free interactive children’s concerts held during every concert week. Over the course of the season, these concerts allow up to three thousand School Children (grades K – 12) to interact with the conductor and musicians to better learn about the program composers, their compositions and the instruments utilized. This learning occurs in the context of experiencing the thrill of hearing a live symphonic orchestra.

The Master Classes:

This program consists of instrument instruction master classes conducted by South Florida Symphony musicians in the school system during each concert week. At least two hundred children participate across grade levels. A major component of this program is the thirty to forty hours of free individual instrument instruction that are provided to students by the musicians.

The Performing Arts Program:

Founded in 2000, the Performing Arts Program provides individualized instruction in voice and piano throughout the year for children and adults. Additionally, the South Florida Symphony musicians provide private lessons in various musical instruments during each concert week.

The Performance Program:

This new education program provides local children and adults members of our community creative growth and stage discipline, through the opportunity to learn from professionals and then perform with their mentors.

The South Florida Symphony mission to provide an unique cultural experience through our concerts and education programs is truly rewarding. Maestra Alfonso, in referring to the children in the performance, said “When they’re grown up they’ll remember these as the best of times. I watch them work, and I can’t stop smiling. The best feeling of all is when you know you’ve made a difference in people’s lives.”

It warms the heart to see the faces of students of all ages light up as they discover the symphonic world of music. Come discover the many ways you can support music education in our community.

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